Jennifer Feinstein
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Jennifer Feinstein who was born in California in September 1951 and passed away on 10 September 2010 at the age of 58. We will remember her forever.
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Jennifer, I miss my friend so much   / Gale Ceron (Friend)
From the first day I met Jennifer we grew to love and care about each other in business and family.   We were just two woman with a lot of years of experience in business and parenting.  When my husband Jesus met Jen  he knew...  Continue >>
My heart felt condolences   / Sandy Mosteller (Friend and X-neighbor )
I am so sorry to hear about Jennifer.  I met Jennifer a few years ago when I moved in up stairs. She was a wonderful lady. I enjoyed talking with her. I continued to visit her after I moved away. I was just thinking about going to see her. This ...  Continue >>
We will miss Jennifer very much   / Gerri And Lou Wait (Friends and Business Associate )
Lou and I wish to extend our condolences to her parents children grandchildren and her siblings. She was a great lady.  Fun to eat Sushi with and of course kept Lou's books in order.  We will miss her tremedously.   Gerri and Lou
Jennifer we will miss you!   / Connie Tellechea (Friend and Work Associate )
On behalf of A&D Plastering Co. I want to offer the family our sincere condolences.  I personally didn't know her for very long but the short time that I did I grew very fond of her.  I admired her professionalism her integrity honesty ...  Continue >>
Jennifer's Family   / Robert &. Mary Schmiedeke (Friend)
Mary & I would like to send our sincere condolences to each of you for your loss.Jennifer has been our friend for over 10 years. Jennifer was a kind overly giving person at times. It seemed she was always hard at work for some client meeting a de...  Continue >>
My Short Story  / Dr John Conca (Friend and Chiropractor )    Read >>
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